Zip up copper infused compression/flight/support socks

Relief from leg pain and swelling! These zip copper infused compression socks use two combined technologies to help provide support for odour control, bacteria growth, muscle/ joint pain, aid in faster recovery and increased performance. Perfect regardless if you are on your feet all day or sitting down or travelling! They are comfortable and lightweight, tough enough for any active lifestyle or general day to day basis.

These new zip-up compression socks are the perfect answer, as you can simply wrap them around the legs, zip up making a perfect fit.

  • Energize tired feet with copper infused
  • They are comfortable and lightweight
  • Tough enough for any active lifestyle or general day to day use
  • Naturally eliminate odors with copper infused fabric
  • Can increase circulation to the lower legs
  • Durable and pinch free zip for snug fit
  • Compression socks are suitable for circulatory problem
  • Can be used for flight socks to help prevent DVT
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Pinch free zip design
  • Toe less design keeping toes free
  • Can be perfect for aching legs after standing for long periods
  • Compression rating 22-32 mmHg
  • Comes in beige or black
  • Material: 15% copper fiber /65% nylon /20% spandex, can be worn with any shoe
  • Brand: ELKO®


  • S/M:
    • Ankle circumference: 8½-10″
    • Calf circumference: Up to 16″
    • Length of stocking laying flat: 19 3/4″
  • L/XL:
    • Ankle circumference: 11½-13″
    • Calf circumference: Up to 18″
    • Length of stocking laying flat: 21″
  • XXL:
    • Ankle circumference: 13½ -15″
    • Calf circumference: Up to 20″
    • Length of stocking laying flat: 22″

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pair Zip Up Copper Infused Compression/Flight/Support Socks

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